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Waxing as a hair removal method has been around since 60BC, with Ancient Egyptians paving the way for modern hair removal by combining sugar and water to create a paste to remove their body hair!

At Pampers we know that if you choose to remove your hair then you only want the best products and service! We use an Australian brand Outback Organics for our Hot Wax and Strip Wax which is a cruelty free, paraben free and palm oil free. The ingredients in their pre and after wax Botanical products range have been carefully selected for their uniquely healing, soothing and nourishing properties. The two types of wax are Strip Wax which is spread thinly onto the skin with a spatula then removed with a paper strip and our Hot Wax is spread generously onto the skin, left to cool slightly then removed by hand in a pulling motion. We use either one or the other wax depending on the body area. 

All our therapists are super friendly and highly trained in all areas of the body so there is never any need to feel apprehensive before your appointment. If it is your time of the month and you feel comfortable enough to get waxed, then please wear a tampon or moon cup to your appointment. We provide fresh towels for you to cover with and disposable knickers if you would like to wear these for intimate waxing. We suggest wearing loose and fresh clothes to wear to your appointment for your comfort after your waxing. Please respect our therapists by coming to your appointment clean, we do have wipes available in our therapy rooms if you do wish to freshen up before your wax. If you have any questions not covered here please get in touch!

Intimate Waxing 

(Please note that we only carry out female intimate waxing)

Bikini (outside of the knicker line) – £18

High Bikini (outside of higher knicker line) – £26

Brazilian (strip of hair left at front, underneath and bottom/back area taken off) – £31 (follow up) /£38 (if first wax or not a regular follow up appointment)

Hollywood (all off including front, underneath and bottom/back area) – £31 (follow up) /£38 (if first wax or not a regular follow up appointment)

Full leg & Bikini/ High Bikini £45

Full leg & Brazilian/ Hollywood £60

Body Waxing

Full leg £32

Lower leg  (below the knee) – £26

Upper leg (above the knee) £28

Under arm – £18

Forearm – £20

Full arm  – £26

Back – £28

Chest £28

Chest & Abdomen £34

Shoulder £25

Facial Waxing

Lip £12

Lip and Chin £19

Side of the face (sideburn area) £18

Half face (all above included) £32



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