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Due to new insurance legislation and COVID-19 beauty guidelines and advice, we are now going to be re-patch testing EVERY client who has the following treatments with us – HD Brows, HD BrowSculpt, brow tinting, lash tinting or any other process of this kind. These patch tests are to be carried out at Pampers at least 24 hours before your booked in treatment.

With the uncertainty of the after effects of contracting COVID-19 and taking the vaccine (as the virus can effect the immune system) we have to put the safety of our clients first. We also have a duty as beauty professionals to stop any reactions and injuries from taking place. Contracting COVID-19 and having the vaccine are classed as a change in medical history (a change in medical history will always requires a new patch test). As this virus can be asymptomatic and you may not have realised you had it, we have to be extremely cautious and test EVERYONE again.

Whilst we understand that you may of never had a reaction to a patch test before and it may be an inconvenience to come to the salon to carry out the test, we always have to make sure that client safety is paramount. We will be unable to perform a treatment if you have not had a new patch test or if you have a reaction to the test.

For any new clients patch testing still applies. If you have not had the treatment with us before (even if you have had it elsewhere) you must have a new patch test at the salon.

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