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Luxurious facial treatments in Norwich.

To ensure that we apply the appropriate facial treatment and maximise the benefits for you, we will evaluate your skin before any treatment.

***When necessary, we can also prescribe a personalised skin care regime for salon and home treatment.

For more than 40 years, DECLEOR has continued to lead with its visionary approach to beauty, as the trusted expert and innovator in aromatherapy skincare.

Indulge in one of our handpicked treatments, carefully selected for you by Decleor, renowned market leader and celebrity favourite in beauty treatments and products. Combining nature’s purest and most potent active ingredients, DECLEOR scientifically selects and masterfully blends premium Essential Oils to deliver for each skin need, targeted and proven skincare solutions. Understanding that beauty and well-being are intrinsically linked, DECLEOR offers and unique sensorial experience that visibly enhances the skin’s natural health and radiance. Now is your time to step away from stress and urban pollution.

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Ultimate Vitamin Glow

An award winning facial that leaves skin visibly radiant. Power-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, this facial melts away stress. Rebalancing Essential Oils are combined with a warm decongesting mask to softly cocoon skin, providing the perfect environment for it to flourish. Skin is left deep cleansed, perfectly replenished and most importantly glowing with vitality.

£55 – 60 mins

Facial Lift Yoga

A lifting facial for smoothed, firmed and luminous skin – for 40 years + A unique facial combining, rhythm and repetition of powerful Kobido massage technique with the power of Iris and Lavandula essential oils for smoothed, firmed and luminous skin. Facial lift Yoga aims to fight against the signs of ageing whilst leaving your skin, body and mind feeling uplifted.

£75 – 75 mins

Facial Pilates

Inspired by Pilates, the treatment delivers a natural lift to the face, whilst helping reshape the contours with re-cushioning effect. The appearance of lines and wrinkles is plumped and smoothed, whilst softening and increasing the tone, leaving the skin flawless and glowing with rosy youthfulness. The facial includes a back massage to help you completely unwind and realise the mind.

£75 – 75 mins

Jasmin Power Booster

Awakens even the most tired of complexions in the shortest of times. Revitalises the mind and body, levaing the skin luminous and as fresh as the morning dew.

£30 – 30 mins

Discovery Facial

Short of time? Discover why Decleor facials are world famous with this rescue remedy. Includes revitalising massage, Essential Oils and a gentle polish to wake-up tired skin leaving it fresh and radiant.

£30 – 30 mins

Moisture Quench

This super-hydrating facial quenches the thirstiest skin. Includes gentle exfoliation to smooth the skin.

£65 – 75 mins

Moisture Bright

A brightening treatment with a vitamin C power booster to help restore luminosity, lighten pigmentation marks and turbo-charge cell regeneration.

£65 – 75 mins

Oxygenating pure and matt

For instant clarity on dull, devitalised skin, the antibacterial and mattifying facial treats spots and shine. Includes Aquatic Plant Powders and an oxygenating power mask for a brighter and shine-free complexion thats simply flawless.

£65 – 75 mins

Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Resist

For immediately visible results, powerful ingredients and gentle exfoliation targets lines and wrinkles. (+30)

£65 – 75 mins

Harmonie Calm Soothe and Protect facial

This intensely soothing treatment instantly relieves irritated complexions for long lasting skin calming. Damasca Rose essential oil soothes angry, sore skin and the cooling chamomile mask will reveal a more even, smoother skin. Designed to addresses all types of sensitivity whether due to stress, poor diet, illness, medication or simply general fatigue. Skin is left clear, relaxed and more resilient to environmental aggressions.

£65 – 75 mins

Radiant Mummy to be

Relax and let our highly trained therapist safely and gently treat you to a truly nurturing experience. This blissful face and body treatment includes a comforting tummy mask, a massage to lighten the feeling of ‘heavy’ legs and a skin-brightening facial to ensure you look as glowing as you feel.

This experience is only suitable for mummy’s over 12 weeks pregnant

£65 – 75 mins



These relaxing facials are an ideal way to start the introduction to Dermaquest. Choose from:

Essential Balance – Hydrate and Balance

Dermaclear – Controls congestion, clears and calms.

Vitamin Infusion – Early stages of Ageing and jam packed with Vitamin C.

Peptide Vitality – Ability to plump, smooth and fill fine lines.

Sensitized – Repairs, hydrates and soothes.

£50 – 60 mins


Classic Dermaquest facial

A consultation will determine the home care regime suitable for your skin type, to prepare your skin prior to treatment. (Free of charge.)


Dermaquest Resurfacers & Intensive Peels Offering a wide range using Dermaquest advanced skincare technology to effectively minimize fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation and enlarged pores.

Dermaquest Resurfacers


Course of 6 Resurfacers will receive a free skincare starter kit worth £94.


TCA / Salicylic Acid Peel

For those with thick resilient skin, with visible lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone and improves fine lines, promotes a smoother and softer skin.

Most experience light sloughing to deep sheets of peeling that will reveal even toned and revitalized skin, great for acne scarring and reducing lines.

A course of 3 is recommended for fantastic results.


Visiting Doctor

Dr Ryan Taylor joins us every other Monday. He offers the most up to date and most advanced aesthetic procedures. Please ask for more information and how to book.

Micro current Non-surgical facelift treatment

£48 – 1 hour 15mins

£480 – Course of 12 treatments

Dermaquest lifting mask




Crystal clear Microdermabrasion

Beauty Flash

£52 – 45mins 

Deluxe with lifting firming mask

£63 – 60mins 


Dermaquest Peptide

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