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Soothe your skin this Winter

Written by Pampers

13th December 2019

For our first Pampers blog post (eek!) we are here to talk about something very close to our hearts and something all of us at Pampers are very passionate about – SKIN CARE! Winter can be extremely harsh on the delicate skin on our face, so we have dug deep into our well of skin care knowledge and sought out some products from one of our favourite in salon brands – Decléor.

Read on to find out more about what you can do to help your Winter skin issues …

Why is my skin more sensitive and dry in the Winter?

Sensitive skin can occur for a number of different reasons. Our facial skin is covered in an abundance of nerve endings and when these are irritated this causes redness, dryness, tightness and blemishes. A major cause of issues such as these are external factors like pollution and climate. That crisp cold air might feel refreshing on a Winters day, but if your skin isnt protected it can cause irritation! Or have you often left work after a day at the office, under the dry central heating and felt like your skin is parched and tight?

Now you may hear Rose in a list of beauty ingredients and easily dismiss it as perhaps an outdated element for your skin care routine but I urge you to rethink the humble Rose! It’s acually a power house of botanical uses and is PERFECT for your Winter skin when used through creams, oils and serums.


The Rose can …


Comfort skin

Calm skin

Soothe skin

Reduce skin redness

It’s also Anti Aging AND Moisturising!|

So what can I do about my irritated skin now I know about the power of Rose?

I’m glad you asked! At Pampers we couldn’t love the Decléor Harmonie Calm range any more if we tried! In the salon we stock a wonderful trio of the Rose D’orient Day Cream and Mask, Aromessence Rose D’orient Oil Serum and the Rose D’orient Night Balm.

Start with a cleansed face and apply the Rose Oil Serum to clean hands (just a few drops will do!) and massage in your face, breathing in the heavenly floral scent. Next apply the Day Cream and Mask as you would a moisturiser (or for extra hydration apply a thicker layer and leave to penetrate into the skin). After a hard Winters day, and onto a cleansed face, apply half a pea sized amount of the Rose Night Balm, again on clean hands and massage into your skin! This balm is easily absorbed and accelerates skin cell regeneration overnight.

Using these 3 products together will



Calm Redness and Sensitivity – Anti Inflammatory




Rose D’orient Night Balm – £45

Aromessence Rose D’orient Oil Serum – £50

Rose D’orient Day Cream and Mask – £55

These wonderful products are available in our salon alongside our other Decléor ranges.

Rose facts!

Did you know…

  • Each bottle of the Rose Oil Serum contains the oil of 60,000 Rose flowers!


  •  Producing Rose Essential Oil is a highly intricate. Harvesting the flowers is done by hand and before sunrise. The distillation process must take place on the very same day as the flowers are picked to ensure the fragrance is locked in


  •  1 litre of Rose Oil requires 5 tons of Rose petals!


  •  The Rose plant originates from Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria


Harmonie Calm Soothing Gift Box – £55

The perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, or even yourself …

p.s You only pay for the Rose Cream and Mask with this set!

We hope you enjoyed our first blog post! Stay tuned for the next entry in our salon diary.

Pampers x 



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